2014 Exhibitions

Behind the Art of a Picture Book | Laura Knorr
Opening Reception: March 7th from 6pm–9pm


Solo-exhibit by award winning children’s book illustrator, and Pajama Factory alumni, Laura Knorr. This exhibition showcases a large body of Laura’s illustrative work in acrylic, oil glazes, colored pencil—while also delineating the creative process behind the illustrating of a picture book from manuscript, sketches, finalized artwork, to the book itself.

The history and art classes in the Williamsport Area High School used the show as an opportunity for education—busing 80 students in to the Pajama Factory to study and take notes on the exhibit for a collaborative project in which the students eventually made books of their own.

Born in Pennsylvania, Laura graduated from the Ringling School of Art & Design—after which her travels took her to Oregon, Michigan and then finally landing in Georgia. Her Illustrations include award-winning children’s books and paintings for corporations and institutions. In addition to numerous in-school and public programs, Laura has taught at The Creative Circus in Atlanta. She currently resides in Berwick, PA with Charlie T. Dog.


Du/e Corps/e nella Groundless Ground | R. Armstrong
Opening Reception: May 9th from 6pm–9pm

due_corpse sm

“One thing becomes another. Bones I found I reassembled. Sound enters the body; we exist or cease to exist depending. Are moved by. A forest is a vastness made inside the space of a few words; a story moves through it. The map is a language we didn’t bother to learn. The map is a language we knew once but have forgotten. Our bodies teach us a world we find indecipherable. How do you read the signs? Wind in the branches, the offal discolored, a bird flown in the wrong direction. When the leaves that tell the future blow away, you are not told again. The message goes with them.”

Armstrong is an artist and writer based in her home community in rural PA and in New York City. A deep connection to literature and history informs a practice encompassing everything from textual works to architecturally immersive audio-video installations. Materiality is central to the work, which is often occupied with immateriality as a means of transcendence.


America: Together, Apart—The New Pennsylvania System | Brian Spies
Opening Reception: July 5th from 6pm–9pm


Solo-exhibition of mixed-media artwork.

“We are living in an era of supposedly insurmountable ideological division. In spite of mountains of historic evidence suggesting that this house divided is neither a new phenomena nor as severe as we are told, we continue to take sides in this epic battle. The work in this exhibit asks, is there more to the story? The critic Jacques Ranciere, in his text, “The Emancipated Spectator,” makes reference to the poem, “The Water Lily,” by 19th century French writer Mallarme, in arguing that we take comfort in the unity separation provides us; that through this construct of division we find a sense of identity. This body of work argues that the power structure utilizes this phenomena to maintain control. It explores the signs and signifiers of the real world consequences of this shell game that is being played on us.” Brian Spies



BIG | Joanne Landis
Opening Reception: June 5th from 6pm–9pm
Artist Talk: 7pm

photo 2

Solo exhibition & retrospective—a comprehensive artist talk & tour of works spanning her time working as an artist in NYC to the Present; very large painted scrolls, and a mix of new and old work.

In all of her large and small scale paintings, Joanne Landis works exclusively with the figure. She attempts to create an environment for each figure that matches its internal geography. Landis’ primary interest is in that space between worlds; the internal and external, the physical and mystical. According to the artist, “every element in my paintings speak of moments and events which saturates each canvas.”



STAY | Ralph Wilson & Stephanie Carey
Opening Reception: August 1st from 6pm–9pm


STAY: A travelogue into, and back out of, a life of depression and self-harm through the photography of Ralph Wilson and Stephanie Carey. Wilson and Carey spent 15 months talking to people whose lives have been touched by depression, drug addiction, and suicides to gain knowledge and understanding of the subject. Using conceptual portraits the STAY exhibit explores the causes and consequences of childhood and adolescent depression, it’s manifestations, and paths towards healing. Journal entries and letters giving personal accounts, are mixed throughout the exhibit to give a voice to some who suffer or have lost their battle.

The goals of the exhibit are to show those who may be dealing with these emotions and struggles, that they are not alone; to show that others are aware of, and understand, the patterns and thoughts that go with depression; and, to show that healing is possible.
The STAY project has been very successful in bringing people together around the subject of suicide, to share their own stories, and open up the dialogue surrounding issues that effect many people in our community.

Through public displays of this project, Wilson and Carey hope to encourage others to identify and share their feelings and to seek help from friends, family, and professionals and to help remove the feeling of isolation, self-doubt, and pain they may feel. They are addressing topics society has not learned to talk about openly. The words abuse, depression and suicide hold such stigma that many remain silent. An introduction to the project will be given by the photographer, Ralph Wilson.


Grey Matters
Opening Reception: September 5th from 6pm–9pm


Chad Andrews, “Winter Wheat”, graphite

A group exhibition of graphite works by the Graphite Gang—Lawrence Miller, Chad Andrews, Andrew Norris, Jordan DeArment, Todd Rice, and David Becker.

“Graphite: Materiality & Meanderings”—as an extension of the “Grey Matters” graphite exhibition, Chad Andrews will lead a free hands-on workshop that explores a variety of graphite applications. Everyone will have an opportunity to explore/play with the techniques and no experience is necessary. The workshop will take place on September 14th from 11am–1pm—no experience necessary.

Opening Reception: November 7th from 6pm–9pm


Sculptural exhibit using recycled materials by Todd Rice and Veera Pfaffli. Rice will be exhibiting large upcycled pieces from his ever-growing creature-bot community. Pfaffli’s “One Project a Week” is an eclectic exhibition of sculptures, light fixtures, and mixed media creations.

“For 2014, I made a rule for myself to finish a small project every week; preferably by using something broken, discarded or recycled. So far, I have been able to use a broken microwave oven, golf cart gas pedal, amounts of recycled paper, cardboard and milk containers, old fabrics, broken lights, play consoles etc to generate small, fun things for everyone to look at.” Veera Pfaffli