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To become a member of the Williamsport Community Woodshop, you need to go through a two-step process.

Step One: First, register for a membership. Choose your membership level, apply any discounts, and provide your contact information. If you’re paying by credit card, we’ll collect your card details, but we won’t charge you until you complete the second step.

Step Two: All prospective members must finish a safety training course before their membership becomes active. Once you’ve registered for provisional membership, you’ll be directed to a page to sign up for a safety training workshop. Pick a date for your training and pay the $50 registration fee (note: Veterans are exempt from this fee).

Once you’ve completed the safety training, your membership will become active, starting from the day of your training completion. We’ll charge your credit card for the membership fee at this time.

If you’re interested in getting a locker, we suggest waiting until after you’ve completed your safety training before proceeding with that transaction.

Membership Type Monthly Quarterly Annually
Standard Membership $80 $220 ($73.34/month) $720 ($60/month)

15% discount for Pajama Factory Tenants or Students. Use discount code PJS15
15% discount for Veterans. Use discount code VET15
50% discount for recipients of SNAP, PACE, or Medicaid benefits. Use discount code SPPOP50
Verification of discount eligibility may be requested.

The longer the period that you pay, the greater the value

  • If you pay Quarterly rates, you get one-month free over the course of a year, compared to one-month rates.
  • If you pay Annual rates, you get 3 months free over the course of a year, compared to one-month rates.

A Safety Training is required for all members. Locker rentals are available for project and materials storage.

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