Williamsport Bicycle Recycle

Your Community Bicycle Shop

Williamsport Bicycle Recycle is a community bicycle shop that aims to empower people through bicycling.

The freedom to go places under your own power, improving your health by getting out outside and exercising, and building your confidence by knowing how to fix your bike can be transforming.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday (March 5 - December 31)

3 – 7 pm

Or year-round by appointment

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Our Services

  • For a small fee, people can bring in their bikes and learn to repair them with the help of our volunteers.
  • We accept donations of repairable bikes and bike parts. If people don’t have a bike, they can rebuild one of our donated bikes.
  • We have adult, young adult and kids’ bikes for every type of adventure. You can buy selection of refurbished mountain bikes, road bikes, city bikes, kids’ bikes, BMX bikes, and cruisers.

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