Liability Waiver

Release, and Hold Harmless Agreement

By signing this form I agree to abide by all rules of the Woodshop as posted on their website at (such rules are hereby incorporated into this agreement) or as otherwise posted within the Woodshop. I also agree to follow any and all directions provided by any on-duty Woodshop safety monitor or instructor.
I, the undersigned, hereby the privilege of using the facilities, tools, and equipment in the Woodshop.

I certify that I:

  • Am 18 years of age or older,
  • Have read all of the Woodshop rules and guidelines and agree to comply with the same,
  • Agree to observe and obey all rules and warnings given by the instructor, monitor, staff, representatives, or agents of the Williamsport Community Woodshop or of Factory Works,
  • Understand that there are risks, such as injury, pain, suffering, illness, disfigurement, temporary or permanent disability, or even death, which may occur from my use of or activities within the Woodshop,
  • Understand that the use of facilities, tools, and equipment is at my own risk and am aware that the use of such items involves and entails potential risk of injury to me,
  • Have no medical condition(s) which would prevent the safe operation of tools and equipment,
  • Agree that I shall hold harmless the Woodshop, its Agents, Officers, and employees, and any Officers, Board Members, and members of the Woodshop and Factory Works from any damages from either injury or illness resulting from my use of any of such facilities, tools, and equipment,
  • Understand that, occasionally, I may be called upon to assist in Woodshop maintenance efforts.

In consideration for being allowed to use and/or participate in activities related to the use of the Woodshop, its tools, machinery, and premises, I (on behalf of myself, my heirs, assigns, administrators, executors, and next of kin) release from liability and waive my right to sue the Woodshop, any of its various Boards or Factory Works, and any past, present, or future officers, employees, representatives, members, volunteers, and agents of the above named from any and all claims, including negligence, resulting in any physical injury, illness (including death) or economic loss that I may suffer because of my use of and/or participation in activities related to the use of the Woodshop.

This agreement shall remain in effect until canceled in writing by me or by an authorized agent of the Woodshop or Factory Works or reaches its expiration at the end of its Term.

Photo Waiver

I hereby give Factory Works consent to record, videotape, and photograph my image or voice to be used and/or use my name in the following ways:

  • Factory Works’ website via the internet and accessible to anyone
  • Factory Works social media sites via the internet and accessible to anyone
  • Printed Factory Works newsletters
  • Email newsletters sent by Factory Works

I further understand that no special compensation will be provided to me for use of my image and that I may not be informed in advance of the specific use of my image. I understand that my image, likeness and voice may be protected by Pennsylvania statute and cannot be used without my written consent.

    I agree to the Photo Waiver

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